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Consulting for Beginners

The Initial Steps:

We recommend that the first step for members is to pick up a copy of Case in Point by Marc Consentino. This will provide members with an introduction to case-style interviews and problem solving. Next, come to one of our KGI Consulting Club Interview Prep Sessions and observe a case interview and practice session. Soon enough, you'll be a master. Meeting times and locations are listed on the Claremont Consortium's Handshake Professional Event Calendar or on Marketing Screens all over campus.

What is a case practice session?

Before the attending the first KGI Consulting Club meeting, please read and prepare 2 cases from Case in Point. Pretend that you are the interviewer and learn your case well enough to be able to improvise question answers when you act the part of the interviewer. If you have never done a case before, please come to the practice to watch for your first time.

KGICC's meetings range in format depending on the type of case preparation or behavioral preparation. The two most common are listed as follows:

(1) One-on-one practice - one person is the ‘interviewer’ who presents the case and the other is the ‘interviewee’ who takes the case

(2) Group of 3 people - one interviewer, one interviewee and one silent observer who critiques at the end.

We encourage everyone to practice with different people at each meeting so that you can get exposed to diverse styles and personalities. We expect honest criticism of the interview when you finish to allow members to improve. Consultants must give and receive criticism each and every day so being able to do so without feeling defensive, judged, or being hostile is an important skill. Giving cases is a rewarding experience because you get to see how others approach problems, so please learn from the experience.

We also recommend you sign up to the KGI Case Partner list serve. It’s a great resource to find case partners working at your level and with a schedule that suits your availability. After joining the list serve, you will be able to send messages to other list serve members to find practice partners that match your availability and skill level. Case partner members can email kgiconsultingclub@gmail.com and we will provide you partners.

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