2020-2021 Executive Board

Where the passion begins

Elizabeth Iantosca, President

Joseph Pecoraro , EVP

Brian Lavongtheung , E Board

Kaylee Cruz, E Board

Aaron Jensen, E Board

Christy Wong, E Board

2019-2020 Executive Board

Eric Young, President

S. Mohammad Amoozegar, EVP

Christy Wong, E Board

Quinn Levin, E Board

Gabriella Mihana Alden, E Board

Elizabeth Iantosca, First Year Rep

Brian Lavongtheung, First Year Rep

2018-19 Executive Board

Alia Manetta, President


Eric Benjamins, EVP


Alex Hilbert, VP


Leslie Maurer, Professional Development Expert

Marco Saglimbeni, Case Preparation Expert

Mohammad Amoozegar, First Year Representative

Eric Young, First Year Representative

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