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The Alumni Network: Solutions for Success

KGI Consulting Club offers the comprehensive capabilities and deep industry knowledge necessary to help you solve the most complex issues.

Selection From Our Alumni Network

Where the Passion Begins


Kevan O'Connor, MBS

Asish Thomas, MBS

Mitchell Simpson, MBS

Chance Scott, MBS

Sergio Sanchez, Ph.D.

Reuben Schleiger, MBS

Sana Moosa, MBS

Melissa Campos, MBS

Eter Rodriguez, MBS, MD


Shan Ahmad, MBS

Victor Bhattacharjee, MBS

Kankshit Bheda, MBS

Charlie McMann, MBS

Jennifer Lee, MBS

William (Bill) Shimp, PPM, Ph.D.

Stephen Chang, MBS

David Chung, PPM, Ph.D.

Snehal Jadey, PPM, Ph.D.

Pranay Madan, MBS

Krissia Manansala, MBS

Risha Patel, PPM, Ph.D.

Shyamprasad Radhakrishna, MBS

Mahrad Saeedi, MBS

Chance Scott, MBS

Marco Saglimbeni, MBS

Alia Manetta, MBS

Andrew Okimura, MBS

Abasi Ene-Obong, PhD

Shreyas Jadhav, MBS

Nikhilesh Sanyal, PhD

Amin Rizvi, MBS

Kevin Keller, PhD

Jason Tung, PhD

Vasanth Ramamurthy, PPM, Ph.D.

Horrace Owino, MBS

Poonim Daya, MBS

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